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What is Vegan Badminton?

Vegan Badminton is an initiative of Play Badminton Club, a Badminton England affiliated club, that aims to transform the game of badminton to be a more sustainable cruelty-free game that can be enjoyed by all.

Who are we?

Ashish & Bhavni

We are huge badminton fans!

To anyone who hasn’t tried badminton, we would say, just come along and try a session at our club! You will love badminton and will soon be hooked into playing regularly!! Plus you will make many new friends at our local, friendly, social badminton club!

We passionately believe that we can play badminton without harming animals, so we set-up Vegan Badminton.

Our aims

  • Encourage more badminton players and club to adopt synthetic shuttles when playing badminton by raising awareness.
  • Building a worldwide directory of badminton players and clubs using synthetic shuttles when playing badminton.
  • Help players and clubs adopt synthetic shuttles when playing at club level as well as competitive levels.

Join the movement!

Our sustainable future is vegan and plant-based, so join the movement, by registering your support.

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